IT Security Trainer & IT Engineer

Since december 2013
Responsibilities completed
  • Linux System Administration and Support (Debian,RedHat,HP-UX)
  • IT Security Trainer (CSCU, CND, CEH)
  • IT Audit
  • Windows server 2008 and 2012 administration for business clients
  • IT Infrastructure monitoring (Router,Switch,Servers) for enterprises
  • IT Support

Front Office Wireless Engineer

September 2013 to december 2013
Responsibilities completed
  • Monitoring of all GSM/UMTS/CDMA network of Expresso's Telecommunication.
  • Treat different alerts and guide Field Maintenance in solving issues at different sites.
  • Traffic Report of different sites for the three technologies.
  • Advanced use of software LMT and M2000

IT Consultant

June 2013
Responsibilities completed
  • IT Audits at three Micro-Finance companies (SOFIDEV, UNACREP and MSFP), which acquired computers and network equipments in the Fasig project to the addition of aid to MFIs.

Professional Internship

TIGO (SentelGSM)
July 2012 to january 2013
Responsibilities completed
  • Optimization of Unified Communications (LYNC)
  • IT Network & Support (Troubleshooting Network), VTP and VLAN Configuration on Cisco equipment
  • Implementation of Nagios, tool for systems and networks monitoring (Windows, Linux, Unix and Cisco routers and switches). Adding additional tools for graph generation on network and system performance with Cacti & pnp4nagios. At the end, more than 180 equipments monitored
  • Securised servers transactions by implementing IPsec protocol on Windows Server 2003 & 2008
  • Involvment in interconnection of ALMADIES-OUAKAM site: configuring VTP, VLANs and addressing different machines

IT Junior Consultant

June 2011 to june 2012
Responsibilities completed
  • Study and design of a VoIP solution for the company. Overcome the inadequacies of the existing PBX.
  • Integration of VoIP solution (Trixbox) within the company, interconnection with the PSTN and implementation of voicemail and others features
  • Create an interface for managing company contacts and interconnect it with the VoIP solution (click-to-call)

School Training

Benin Telecoms SA
July 2008 to september 2008
Responsibilities completed
  • Study on improving the company intranet. Proposal for new services.